Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to complete the tool?

A: Time to complete the tool varies based upon the user's familiarity with their office's sustainability efforts, but we estimate around 25-45 minutes. Users can start the tool, save it, and then come back at a later time to complete it.

I don't remember my password, how can I get it?

A: There is a 'recover password' feature on the website under the 'Login' page.

Is the tool for my organization or just my office?

A: The tool was designed to be site-specific and capture the efforts of individual office locations, versus your entire organization. If you would like other office locations within your organization to complete the tool, contact and it can be arranged for you.

Who should complete the tool?

A: As above, the tool is designed to capture information that is specific to a tenant's office occupancy versus an organization. As such, whoever is most familiar with your particular office's sustainability efforts would be the best person to complete the tool.

We occupy more than one floor and have different layouts, carpets, etc. on each floor, how do I select the best option within the tool in this regard?

A: You have two options here: you can have an additional access key(s) and utilize the tool for each of your different floors, or if that's not preferable you can simply select the option within each question which best represents the majority of your office practices.

Can multiple people in my office access the information in the GOT?

A: Each office 'account' is linked to a particular username (in the form of an email) and password. These are determined by the person who first initiates use of the tool. Unless you are utilizing the tool for more than one floor, per the example above, other people within your office would need to access the information using this same email/password combination, so you may want to consider who would need access in determining the email and password to use.

How often should we update our information in the tool?

A: That is really up to each organization, but we recommend that you return to visit the tool each 3-6 months to ensure your information is current. As you implement the recommendations provided in the tool it would be good to update this information. Also, the comparative data will constantly change as new users complete the tool. So we recommend you keep going into the tool to see how your score stacks up versus others.

How long is my data stored for?

A: Once you have completed the tool, your data will be stored for 3 years from the date you last accessed the site. If you start, but do not complete the tool, then your information may be deleted earlier.

Who has access to my information?

A: No one other than your organization (and more specifically only people within your organization who have access to the site using your email/password combination) can see your information and results. The results from all organizations are stored in a master database that other offices can use to compare against, but there is no information available which discloses individual scores or names of organizations that have completed the tool. Your property management company will have access to the combined/averaged results for all offices that complete the tool within their portfolio, but they cannot see individual information or scores.

What's the difference between my overall score on the results page and my percentile rank on the comparison page? These two are different percentages?

A: Your overall score (shown as a percentage) is representative of how you scored relative to the values and weighting associated with each question. Your percentile rank, on the other hand, is how your overall score compares relative to all other users of the GOT. For instance your overall score may be 55%, but if 71% of users have scored better than you, your percentile rank will be 29%.

I can't access the reports using the side navigation buttons.

A: You will not be able to see your results or compare your office against other offices until you have first fully completed the tool.