About the Green Office Tool

The Green Office Tool (GOT) was developed in response to businesses looking for a way to assess and measure their sustainability efforts within their workplace environment and also identify what further they can do to elevate their practices to the next level.

The GOT offers a series of interactive questions that evaluate your environmental sustainability efforts, measured across six key performance indicators: water, waste, energy, transportation, procurement, and leadership.

To ensure a meaningful user experience, the tool begins with a profile section where you input your business size, your location, your industry, etc. These factors then prompt appropriate categorical questions and allow you a comparative analysis of your results, relative to other organizations, utilizing an interactive filtering feature.

In addition to an overall percentage score and a categorical breakdown (water, waste, energy, etc.), users also receive a secondary categorical breakdown relative to their efforts in: strategy & planning, monitoring & measuring, programs & procedures, design & installation, encouraged behaviours, and equipment. Lastly, users receive a customized list of recommendations to improve their score, for the next time they wish to assess their workplace using the GOT.

The questions and scoring methodology of the GOT have been developed in consultation with a number of industry experts.

Link to Green Office Tool brochure with further information.